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The Association

Aims of the Society

The ItPS is a non-profit organization with the aim to coordinate, support and to represent in Italy researchers who work in the peptide science, to promote the advancement of research and training in this field. To achieve this, the ItPS promotes and supports initiatives to contacts and exchanges between researchers within different disciplines, who cultivate the aforementioned studies, as well as educational initiatives and dissemination of scientific diffusion of peptide science (Article 2 of the Statute).

Foundation of Italian Peptide Society

In June 2014, during the 14th Naples Worshop on Bioactive Peptides, Prof. Paolo Rovero, Italian representative in the 'European Peptide Society, convened an informal meeting of Italian participants to start discussing the possibility of creating a group that would join together researchers active in science of peptides, exploiting the information collected on the site Italian peptide Network, created by Prof. Paolo Grieco in previous years. In July 2015, Prof. Claudio Toniolo and Prof. Rovero convened in Florence a meeting of 16 representatives from different universities, CNR and Italian Companies, to begin the formal procedures of the istitution of the Italian Peptide Society (ItPS). In October 2015 these Founders have formally established the Italian Peptide Society, with the drafting of a constitution, its registration with the Inland Revenue, with the signing of the Memorandum and with the appointment of an interim Executive Council with the task to gather applications from interested colleagues and conduct any necessary practice.

Founder Members

Dott.ssa Elisabetta Bianchi (IRBM Science Park, Pomezia, RM),
Prof.ssa Luisa Bracci (Università di Siena),
Dott. Marco Crisma (CNR, Padova),
Prof. Fernando Formaggio (Università di Padova),
Prof. Renato Gennaro (Università di Trieste),
Prof. Paolo Grieco (Università di Napoli "Federico II"),
Prof. Giancarlo Morelli (Università di Napoli "Federico II"),
Prof.ssa Anna Maria Papini (Università di Firenze),
Dott. Antonello Pessi (PeptiPharma, Roma),
Prof. Alessandro Pini (Università di Siena),
Prof. Paolo Rovero (Università di Firenze),
Dott. Menotti Ruvo (CNR, Napoli),
Prof. Lorenzo Stella (Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”),
Prof. Claudio Toniolo (Università di Padova),
Prof. Alessandro Tossi (Università di Trieste),
Prof. Mariano Venanzi (Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”).

Members of the Council

Prof. Maria Luisa Mangoni, Sapienza University of Rome - +39 06 49910838

Prof. Claudia Bello, University of Firenze -  +39 055 4573525

Prof. Antonella Accardo,  University of Napoli Federico II - +39 081 2532045  

Responsible for communication activities and web site
Dr. Michele Saviano, Italian National Research Council (CNR) - +39 0823 274757

Scientific Activities Responsible
Prof.ssa Daniela Marasco, University of Napoli "Federico II" - +39 081 632043


ITPS uses a Scientific Committee currently composed of:
1. Prof. Walter Cabri (Bologna)
2. Dr. Alessandro Gori (Milano)
3. Prof.ssa Silvia Marchesan (Trieste)
4. Prof.ssa Marta De Zotti (Padova)
5. Prof. Mariano Venanzi (Roma)