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Post-doc position in protein-foldamer supramolecular science Munich

The project concerns the development and characterization of defined assemblies combing recombinant proteins and aromatic oligoamide foldamers, for example capsules or three dimensional lattices, potentially useful as biomolecular containers or biomaterials. Protein design and recombinant expression, foldamer design and solid phase synthesis, collaboration with computational scientists and crystallographers will constitute the core activities.


Group website:


Desired profile:

  • Background: PhD in peptide or foldamer chemistry. Some knowledge or experience with protein design and protein expression
  • Previous experience in some of the following: solid phase synthesis and HPLC purification (indispensable), recombinant protein expression and purification, organic synthesis, dissociation constant determinations, crystal growth and crystallography
  • Creativity, autonomy, self-motivation, team spirit, leadership skills
  • Wish to work in a multidisciplinary environment at the chemistry-biology interface.



Send a CV and ask reference letters to be sent by e-mail to Prof. Ivan Huc (