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Message from the President

Prof.  Maria Luisa Mangoni

Department of Biochemical Sciences "A. Rossi Fanelli", Sapienza University of Rome


Dear Colleagues 

I am very honoured to inform you that since March 9, 2022 I assumed the charge of President of the ItPS

I am very pleased to express my deep gratitude for the trust you have placed in me and for encouraging my candidacy. In my name and on behalf of all the new Board, I would like to thank my predecessor Prof. Giancarlo Morelli and the members of the Executive Committee (Professors Anna Maria Papini, Paolo Rovero, Paolo Grieco, Alex Tossi) for their great effort made for our Society and for having continued, with success and enthusiasm, the work carried out by those who believed in the realization of ItPS under the guidance of the first president Prof. Claudio Toniolo, the Secretary Prof. Lorenzo Stella and the Treasurer Prof. Paolo Rovero .

I also want to thank the members of the Scientific Committee (Prof. Lorenzo Stella, Prof. Maria Luisa Gelmi, Prof. Claudia Tomasini, Prof. Fernando Formaggio and Elisabetta Bianchi) with whom I shared a beautiful and constructive experience.

I am pleased to underline how in these pandemic years, our young people have taught us that, despite the restrictions related to Covid-2019, the science of peptides has not stopped, but has made great progress. We are all very proud of this. I am therefore sure that with the contribution of each of you, especially of young people, we will be able to consolidate relationships between our Society and the European one, to coordinate and represent, at a national level, all students involved in peptides’ science with the aim to promote the advancement of their research, training and career in this field.

It‘s the alchemy of a teamwork to guarantee a profitable future for ItPS!


Thanks again and good luck to all


Best wishes 

Maria Luisa Mangoni